2020 Ain’t Cancelled Series

Each week we serve our global audience a “Hey Girl, Hey!” energy that unites us & invites them to engage in conversations that elevate their mindsets, reveals a better version of themselves, and creates game-winning strategies to navigate ANY season.

This is a unique one-hour panel-style discussion moderated by the three members of The Visionary Squad. We are Media Hosts, Facilitators, and Experience Consultants who create strategies that bring people together, create meaningful experiences, and influence systemic change. We believe in creating a space to inform, educate, and empower people to take action and create change within their communities.

Week over week we curate content for the self-expression of Black & Brown womxn, welcoming an audience of 100-300 folx from places as far as Singapore, Saudi Arabia, London, Canada, New Zealand, Costa Rica, India, South Korea, Philippines, and more!  Listening in on a panel discussion, interacting with one another within the chat, staying engaged with our poll questions, storytelling, learning from one another, and allowing their vulnerability to unfold.

Get registered and join us at our next virtual event!

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