PDX Women of Color is a squad of visionaries creating meaningful experiences for the self-expression of Black & Brown women to be inspired to grow personally + thrive professionally.

We are Media Hosts, Facilitators, and Experience Consultants who create strategies that bring people together, create meaningful experiences and influence systemic change. 

We believe in creating a space to inform, educate, and empower people to take action and create change within their communities.

If you’re interested in working with PDX Women of Color send an email to pdxwomenofcolor@gmail.com.

Moniquea Majors
Moniquea is a visionary with a creative spirit and an entrepreneurial dedication.  She’s a quiet storm and effective leader making waves with Brown and Black women.  Founding PDX Women of Color to create meaningful experiences for the self-expression of Black & Brown Women to thrive personally and professionally.  She’s on a mission is to lead with integrity, uplift others with community, and make room for bold thinking, speaking, and action. 

Blaire G. Hervey
A badass Business x Career Coach, DEIB (diversity, equity, inclusion, belonging) Consultant, public speaker &  Creator of the “2020 Ain’t Cancelled!” series. She’s an inspirational Maverick, making her mark with start-ups + tech giants experiencing rapid growth BUT her true passion lies in innovating for women of color, helping them navigate corporate spaces, become change agents && thrive personally && professionally.
Karen Foster
A vibrant and energetic Experience Curator & Community Connector. She specializes in crafting flawlessly executed events and memorable experiences. Her strategic ability to capture vision, skillfully coordinate logistics and meticulous attention to detail cultivates an experience unlike any other. She has a heart to serve others and bridge together meaningful relationships in her community
that positively impact change personally and professionally. 
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