PDX Women of Color is a squad of visionaries creating meaningful experiences for the self-expression of black & brown women to be inspired to grow personally + thrive professionally.

As always, we appreciate our allies who show up to listen, learn & receive — without the need to be accommodated.

Moniquea Majors
Moniquea is the PDX Women of Color Founder, a visionary and a creative at heart.  She’s a quiet storm that’s making waves with brown and black women, by combining her passion for being a creative and serving women to create PDX Women of Color.  She’s also the self taught designer, and maker behind the brand Rise + Bloom Jewelry.

Blaire G. Hervey
Business Coach, Culture Influencer, Corporate Strategist, Image Consultant + Trailblazer of “Making $100k Without a Degree”
Blaire is responsible for creating big ideas allowing us to expand our reach && drive next level results.
Karen Foster
Experience Curator & Community Connector
Karen specializes in logistics, crafting flawlessly executed events & cultivating memorable experiences.
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